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Difference between high bay and low bay lighting

Aug. 04, 2016

A low bay light is typically used with ceiling heights 20’ or less. 

High bay lights are typically used when ceiling heights are 20-45’ high.

Most notably, a low bay light usually features some type of diffuser on the bottom of the light to spread the light in a manner reflective of the lower ceiling height. 

High bay lights typically have an aluminum reflector which allows a beam of light to reflect downwards to the floor area. 

Floowing Led high bay light with different beam angle can meeting different demands.And they can used as led low bay light as well.

Diamond led high bay lightLumina led high bay lightTransformers led high bay light
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Whether you are using low bay lights or high bay lights, Led lighting overwhelming allows users to illuminate large areas with very few lights.

They are saving ernergy and environmental choice.

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